The All Pakistan Textile Mills Associations (APTMA) is a trade organization representing the largest sector of Pakistan – Textile – encompassing 222 textile companies. APTMA plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the business interests of not only textile companies but of other sectors to enable their contribution to the country’s economic prosperity. APTMA, through its political, economic, and social capital capabilities, has always played a leadership role for business facilitation and government-related services.

APTMA is an association for Textile industry in Pakistan composed of 13 committees, supervising various industrial and governance operations for different purposes to assist member textile mills, representing Pakistan’s largest exports sector with an annual share of 67%. APTMA was registered with Federal Ministry of Commerce on July 5, 1990, under the Trade Organizations Ordinance 1961 and registered under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. In July 1991, Association started operations with its headquarters at Faisalabad. APTMA is affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI)

At present APTMA’s Principal office is in Islamabad, Pakistan, whereas the zonal offices for Northern and Southern regions are in Lahore, Karachi, respectively and sub-zonal offices in Faisalabad and Quetta.


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