Saad Umar

Designation: Senior Executive Officer
Department: Executive Staff

Saad is currently working in the capacity of Senior Executive Officer at APTMA, and oversees Procurement & HR, IT, and Policy Research & Analysis departments. He has a multidisciplinary background in economics, finance and risk management, and possesses exceptional business acumen acquired via an eclectic mix of professional and entrepreneurial endeavors. Saad has been with the organization for almost a year. He has demonstrated capabilities in understanding the dynamics of the industry and how APTMA plays a pivotal role in addressing each and every issue faced by Textile Sector.

Saad is being trained to enhance his expertise in the field of trade related matters including issues pertinent to Ministry of Commerce to become a specialist in the field while addressing issues faced by members. He serves as a technical and research lead at APTMA and provide technical and strategic support for textile promotion in Pakistan. He provides executive support to Senior Management in almost every task from matters related to administrations, communications, publications, stakeholder management, high-profile meetings, economic & financial analysis, presentations, to current restructuring of APTMA including budget, policy, and hiring of key resources for the organization.

Saad is a graduate of University College London (UCL) with a Master’s degree in Financial Risk Management, and possesses 5 years of national and international financial industry experience, including a placement at Nomura Investment Bank, London.

Saad’s profile can be vied at https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-umar-b6225a36/