Asad Abbas Shah

Designation: Senior Research Analyst
Department: Research Staff

Asad Abbas Shah is a Research Economist and a professional employee with more than 3 years of working with APTMA. He played a key role in drafting Pakistan’s Textile Policy Proposals 2020-25 on behalf of APTMA. He is well versed in policy matters, conducting research, and preparing detailed policy reports.  He has written many articles in all leading newspapers advocating for the issues faced by the textile sector of Pakistan and has started to make his name among economists and policymakers.

He has been consistently performing well throughout the tenure of his career, and keeping the same in view, he has been promoted to the position of Senior Research Analyst with enhanced responsibilities by involving him in matters related to the power and gas sector. He has been dealing with the energy and gas sector issues for quite some time and has attained significant exposure in the field.

His areas of interest are energy economics, applied economics, and industrial economics. He is proficient in data handling & analysis, energy issues, and cotton-related matters. He has done his Masters and MPhil in Economics from Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad.