Becoming APTMA Member

APTMA members are the core part of the Association. The association is proud of its members and always endeavors to support them in all aspects. There is a specified criterion to qualify for the membership. The subscribers of the Memorandum of Association and persons admitted to membership in accordance with these Articles shall be members of the Association (the word “Persons" shall include individuals, firm or company), provided that the intending member must hold a National Tax Number.


i)          Any individual, firm and/or company owning and/operating a manufacturing unit and
            meeting the criteria specified hereunder shall be eligible for membership of the

         a)         Yarn manufacturer: the manufacturing unit must consist of at least 5,000
                     spindles or 1,000 rotors.

         b)         Cloth or Fabric manufacturer: the manufacturing unit must consist of at least
                      200 local looms or equivalent thereof or 48 Shuttleless / Airjet looms or
                      equivalent thereof.

ii)         Any individual firm or company intending to install a textile manufacturing unit that is
            expected to meet the eligibility criteria specified in Article 5(i) may also be considered
            eligible for Provisional Membership.

Every candidate for membership shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member of the respective Regional Office of the association and has no criminal conviction. Every application for membership shall contain facts showing that the candidate is a firm or company that meets the eligibility criteria specified in Article 5(i) along with an undertaking by the chief executive officer of the candidate to carry out all obligations of a member of the association and shall be signed by the candidate. Provided that an intending member must hold a National Tax Number and Sales Tax Registration Number.

All application for the membership shall be made through the respective Regional Offices and shall be accompanied with such admission fee, annual subscription and/or compulsory contributions as payable under the Articles. The Regional Managing Committee of the respective Regional Offices while forwarding the application for the membership shall attach such observations as are considered appropriate.

The membership shall be granted for a period of one year and shall expire on 31st. day of March every year irrespective of the date of grant of membership. The membership shall be renewable on annual basis on payment of membership fee and on furnishing proof of filing a return of income or statement in term of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 for the latest preceding assessment year by the member, whether individual, firm or company along with TCO (Tex 1-5) Returns for the month of February of the year. In case of inconsistency, the higher figure as regards the capacity or turnover by the candidate/member will prevail for the purpose of calculation of membership fee.

A sole proprietorship or a partnership firm or any other company or a concern shall be eligible for the membership provided that a firm or company deals in the relevant trade of the Association.


The intending member shall pay the membership fee on the basis of installed capacity to be calculated as per the current fee structure applicable from the Year 2011-12 as shown below:

Installed Machinery




Shuttle-less /
Air-jet Loom


Annual Rate (Rs.) per installed capacity






The maximum limit / capping of Annual Membership Fee shall be Rs.300,000/- per member mills.

The Admission Fee for new membership of APTMA shall be Rs.50,000/- per application.


Unlike previous law, the new Trade Organizations Ordinance, 2007 recognizes only two following categories of membership and provides equal opportunity to both the classes to take part in the affairs of the APTMA.

i)          Associate Member: means a member of a trade organization which is not a body
           corporate or a multinational or a sales tax registered manufacturing concern or a sales-
           tax-registered business concern having annual turn-over of Rs.50 million or above;

ii)         Corporate Member: means a member of a trade organization which is either a body
           corporate or a multinational corporation with its head office or branch office in
           Pakistan or a sales-tax-registered manufacturing concern or a sales-tax-registered
           business concern having annual turn over of Rs.50 million or above.

Women Members: In order to promote the role of women involved in Textile Sector, the government has made compulsory for Associations to reserve two seats in the Executive Committee for women entrepreneurs. Electoral College for women seats shall be the Executive Committee of APTMA. Intending members are encouraged to nominate their Women Directors also as the Authorized Representatives to take part in the affairs of the Association.


The Membership Application Form can be downloaded by clicking the link (Membership Application) or obtained from any of the APTMA Offices located in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Islamabad. Application with Admission Fee and Membership Fee on the basis of installed capacity duly proposed and seconded by the existing Member Mills of the concerned region of APTMA must be submitted in duplicate at the concerned Regional Office, belonging to the territorial limit wherein the manufacturing unit is located, as per the following details.

Region / Contacts

Territorial Limit

APTMA House, 97-A,Aziz Avenue, Canal Bank
Off. Gulberg Road, Lahore
Tel: +92-42-111 700 000, Fax: +92-42-35871945

Province of the Punjab, Azad Kashmir, Islamabad Capital Territory.

APTMA House, 44-A, Lalazar, Off. M.T. Khan Road, Karachi
Tel: +92-21-35611710, Fax: +92-21-35610193

Provinces of Sindh and Balochistan.

APTMA House, Near Tehkal Payan, Jamrud Road, Peshawar
Tel: +92-91-5851524, Fax: +92-91-5703584

Province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, including the Federally Administered and Provincially Administered Tribal Areas, Gilgit & Baltistan.

Please ensure that all supporting documents and membership fee payable in favor of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) must be attached with the application form. After due process by the concerned Regional Office, the Central Executive Committee of APTMA will consider / approve the application for new membership of APTMA.